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customize & order Peach Puddin' Pie

1670-5310 calories

Only Grandma’s home cooking will suit us. Understandably, others have tried to copy her, but she’s still the master. Rolling out dough into delicious perfection. Peach pudding pie? It’s her specialty. Everyone knows that. It’s hard to compete. So few even try.

But, ya know, Grandma isn’t always available. Every one of our Peach Puddin’ Pies has a crust made in-house.

Tasty and juicy peaches are baked right in a sweet pudding. The dessert we’ve always wanted.

Eager to hear what we really think? Read the first letter of each sentence: OUR PIE IS BETTER

Order Size

8" Peach Puddin * $4.99
10" Peach Puddin * $6.49
12" Peach Puddin * $7.99
14" Peach Puddin * $9.99