The Johnny’s Pizza House Way: A Close Look at Our Training Process


When you buy into a franchise, you want to know that you will receive support and guidance during the initial intake process. At Johnny’s Pizza House, we are dedicated to providing our franchisees with in-depth training that allows them to be as prepared as possible for owning one of our fast casual franchise restaurants. Our training model helps each franchise owner develop the building blocks for success.

What is Training Like with Johnny’s Pizza House?

To begin, franchisees will attend 8 weeks of training for a minimum of 3 trainees. The trainees receive both classroom training, as well as on-site training at a Johnny’s Pizza House location. From here, each trainee receives a confidential manual detailing what makes Johnny’s so unique.

During our in-depth training, each participant is given the knowledge and tools to successfully operate their Johnny’s Pizza House location. This includes training on sanitation, Food Safety Certification, alcohol training and certification (when required), and POS (including front of the house operation, as well as back office training for invoices, food and supply orders, inventory, payroll, labor projections, sales forecasts, employee information, and more). Additionally, we instruct trainees on the best practices for the dining room, counter, pick-up window, lunch
buffet, and delivery. We also provide trainees with the tools to train their employees, the Johnny’s Pizza House way.
Our foundation is built on our deliciously crafted pizza and dough. During training, everyone learns the motor skills that go into crafting our menu including learning recipes, day prep, dough making, pizza making, and how to operate the oven station.

Our franchisees also receive unique support and guidance that extends beyond their initial training period. This includes:

  • Coaching/Personnel Management
  • Customer Analysis
  • IT Support
  • Vendor Relations
  • Customer Service
  • Neighborhood Marketing
  • Customer Experience Review

You will also receive an assigned, personal FBC (Franchise Business Consultant) who will assist you after your store opening to help build your business, not just run it. This includes developing skills like problem-solving skill building, confronting and resolving issues, and business planning. By partnering with the Johnny’s Pizza House franchise you are making a choice to become part of more than just a business, but instead a family. Are you interested in one of our pizza franchise opportunities in Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, or Texas? Please contact us today to learn more!